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Professional Training for puppies up to adult. We offer the highest and professional services in the areas of canine training, control behavior, aggressive management, obedience, pet sitting,

K-9 Services, Personal Working Dog and more.



We have different educational programs. individual and collective. at our facility or at home. depending on what best meets your requirements.

We are a team of professionals who specializes in the canine behavior with more than 29 years of experience in the k9 field. Our training is not only designed for the dog, but also for the owner, thus achieving an excellent result.  Our mission is to provide a service of the highest level in the education and correct integration of a dog to its family.


We started working in 1993 and so far we have had over 3,500 students. Our personnel has graduated from university and experienced in theory and practical training and rehabilitation of  dogs. Our main interest is in the rehabilitation of difficult and aggressive dogs.  The vast majority of these dogs have become aggressive or difficult  because of the  ignorance of the people with whom they live. Offering personalized training and an advanced technical support. Making the training process an experience that is healthy, gratifying and above all happy.


In Rush k9 Services llc Training, we have developed a holistic approach that includes the best of each of the current positive training techniques and behavior modification therapies. To develop this method we draw on the experience of the best professionals in this field and in various scientific research supporting the results.


We accompany our customers throughout the life of your dog, we offer our services from even before the acquisition of the animal and we are at your disposal to answer any questions that may arise once the work with canine educator. The fundamental premise from which we start is that each case is unique, both for the person and for your dog and therefore attention to our customers is fully customized. When you start the educational process, we explain the different techniques  and is the user who chooses according to their needs or preferences. The learning process is directed primarily to the guide, and that it is essential to know well the dog and their motivations to better understand their behavior, so the training does not end when we end the training but continues throughout the life of the animal. "Not only do we train your dog," but that the handler learns the necessary training techniques to train your dog.


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